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Afterlife (Evernight Series #4)

Afterlife - Claudia Gray I've never been a true fan of this series, I always found them mildly pleasant, always started each book in the series thinking: "This is it, this will take my breath away." And I must admit I'm always disappointed.I'm not saying is a bad series, because is not, is very entertaining, it was my very first vampire series, even before I read Twilight. I was very excited about this final installment, I waited greatness from it, maybe that's where I was mistaken, because even though it had a surprising ending, I was not enthralled, I just wanted it over.The series takes were it left off, Bianca a wraith and Lucas just to become a vampire. Afterlife is very much about forgiveness and acceptance, so you don't have to fret about unanswered questions as certain series' ending *cough* Vampire Academy! *cough* Anyway, it has smoky vampires, chilling ghosts and all kinds of fun. If you've enjoy the last books you are certainly to enjoy this one and if you've skimmed through them you will so again in this one. I think my main complaint is the continuous difference in of, shall we say, "substance" between Bianca & Lucas. She was a vampire, he was a human, then she became a ghost and he became a vampire!And Lucas as vampire: can we say annoying much? He's always whining, I mean, he doesn't outright say it, but even Bianca knows it.About the things I like about the series and has made me stayed through the last 4 books is Lucas, even if he's a whiner and sometimes a bit tortured, he still loves Bianca. Also, some of the secondary characters like Vic and Ranulf make you have a good laugh.Despite all these things, is still a great series, so if you've read the last three, read this one too. But I'll always wondered what would have happened if... Claudia Gray is awesome and can't wait for her Balthazar series, even if I initially found him annoying, but kind of love him now after this book.