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I am a vegetarian Nerdfighter who loves Doctor Who & books. I read mostly YA and fantasy, but I love all genres.

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Five Flavors of Dumb

Five Flavors of Dumb - This days most books are about angels, fairies, vampires & all sort of freakishly cool things that make us swoon. And i must admit I am a loyal reader of those stories. When it comes down to normal people we are harder to impressed, sometimes we don't feel comfortable to the daily things that happen to everyone. We are more comfortable reading about werewolves that we are about real people.That's what caught my attention about this book, there really are deaf people in the world & most days we go around ignoring the fact that some people can't hear.That said, I LOVED Five Flavors of Dumb. Most of the time, and I am ashamed to say this, but I find myself uncomfortable reading stories about people who are different than me, and here this story proves me wrong, they are NOT that different, the fact that you can't hear or maybe see does NOT make you different than other people.Piper is a remarkable character that strives through injustice & ignorance that she encounters in her peers and even her own dad.Antony John does not slow down for a single second, he charms us with a smoothness and liveliness of his characters. Not even half an hour into the stories tears were pooling into my eyes.As I flipped the pages I could read the characters growing in the story, there was no insincerity, just true human interaction that fell seamlessly into place given birth to a beautiful piece.Overall, just read the story it will be truly worth it, if not you can yell expletives all you want, but I know you'll love it!