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I am a vegetarian Nerdfighter who loves Doctor Who & books. I read mostly YA and fantasy, but I love all genres.

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Zombies vs. Unicorns

Zombies Vs. Unicorns - Garth Nix, Libba Bray, Maureen Johnson, Diana Peterfreund, Justine Larbalestier, Margo Lanagan, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Kathleen Duey, Carrie Ryan, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Scott Westerfeld Before reading this book I was team Unicorn all the way, but with the mere introduction I knew I have always been Team Zombie. They represent the descend of humanity. Unicorns? They are just cute & fluffy and after this anthology, I think I should avoid them at all cost.My favorite stories were mostly the Zombie stories, the ones you should look forward to reading are: Children of the Revolution by Maureen Johnson, Inoculata by Scott Westerfeld and the last story(& my favorite) Prom Night by Libba Bray. Oh, and honrable mention to Love Will Tear us Apart by Alaya Dawn Johnson.Evewn though i like the Unicorn stories, I didn't enjoy them to the same extent as the Zombie ones.The first Story The Highest Justice by Garth Nix is a great start, between some of the kind of enjoyable Unicorn stories were The Third Virgin by Kathleen Duey, it was creepy & not exactly a favorite, but it got me thinking. My favorite unicorn story and the one definitely worth reading was The Care And Feeding Of Your Baby Killer Unicorn by Diana Peterfreund, I, for once would totally read a whole book about the main character. Some disappointing stories was A Thousand Flowers by Margo Lanagan, it was creepy, but not in the nice creepy kind of way, more in the please-make-it-stop-creepy way. And Cold Hands by Cassandra Clare, my dissapointment over Clare's story was not that I did not like or enjoyed it, I did, but I expected more, it was just okay, much like the rest of the stories, but it was awesome as Maureen's or Libba's which was what I was expecting.Overall, it was a great anthology, many funny & enjoyable stories, some more than others and the most important they got you thinking. As expressed above, I believe ZOMBIES are more versatile to write about & more awesome. And it's all because of Justine Larbalestier, I'm very much sorry for Holly B, but Justine kicked ass and I need to get one of Justine's books ASAP!