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I am a vegetarian Nerdfighter who loves Doctor Who & books. I read mostly YA and fantasy, but I love all genres.

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The Iron Queen (Iron Fey Series #3)

The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa Julie Kagawa brings once more the fey to books with another thrilling installment of the Iron Fey.I've always liked fairy books, but with so many of them out there it's nice to read one with a twist specially as Kagawa has done. The same fascinating characters return once more. I was dubious at first,and I had to admit I got bored in the first pages, but it all changed once I got into the story and I was hooked. One of my favorite things about the book is the development in characters, Meghan is no ore the soft girl and she is now more independent, even of Ash who struggles with this new side of her. Ash, also slips off his icy facade and even Puck returns a bit more to the same he was in the first book.One of my least favorite things is Meghan's continuous disregard toward Ash, who fights with the feelings toward her.The ending is crushing and I can't wait for the next book to be out and know how this story unfolds. Overall, the series is highly recommendable, addictive and awesome.