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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi Rating: probably 2.5I am unsure on how to rate this book, so seeing as it didn't blow me away I will go with the always reliable: It was okay.I was very, very excited for this book. Firstly because it reminded me of Pushing Daisies, and if you know the series you will probably wonder why because the main character Ned brings people back to life, while Juliette can kill people by touching them. Anyway, I really liked the premise and initially the book ran true to what I expected. But firstly, I found the world-building lacking, I felt it was too clichéish and overall not very good. And although I ignore it at first because I really enjoyed the characters and their story, it became too much. By the end I was getting slightly annoy at the characters especially Juliette because she transformed from this great unique character to the poster girl to every female character in love, thus losing its greatness. Yes, I am aware I am in the minority, but everyone has different opinions. I wished I had liked this more, but I couldn't.