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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand Wow.First impression: Oh no! No another angel book! I've read books about angels before but they're always awkward and I never really loved them.What is different about this book is that Clara knows she is an angel and what it entails, there's no finding about being an angel or a hot fallen angel she falls in love with! She IS the angel and she knows it!Unearthly made me swoon with th its amazing characters and I fell in love with them and can't believe I have to wait for its sequel!Its a bit confusing, especially by the ending, but it's the characters same confusion by adapting to the situation, but its the first in he series so we can wait for it to be resolved in future books.Clara, although she has known she is an angel for a while, is still adapting and her mother is not very forthcoming with answers about her new identity, so she still learning. But I did believe her as a character, Clara's actions are what a normal person would do in her situation.Overall, Unearthly is amazing, it surprised me and everyone should read it! It has cute angels, swoony guys and you won't be disappointed.