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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver I'm still stunned over the ending. If you have read Before I fall you already know about Lauren Oliver's brilliancy, if you have not then you should read it immediately.From the start I knew Delirium would be just as good or better than Before I fall. It turned out better. Imagine a world without love, a world were even the slightest filial show of affection is frown upon. Thats' where Lena lives, a world full of cold people who see Love, or Amor Deliria Nervosa, as a disease. And even if it seems unbelievable for such a place, Lauren Oliver pulls it off. You truly believe people don't love, that they see it as a disease. At first, I saw Lena a little cowardly, but then as the story goes by we understand, she is terrified of the disease for it was the death of her mom who never stopped loving Lena's father.I loved Lena, she is the kind of character you sympathize from the start and you just like her more and more as the book goes by and who by the end you just adore. Delirium is full of sentiments, good ones and bad ones, but as the book itself portrays we can't enjoy the good stuff if you don't bear the bad stuff. Overall, I suffered a strong case of Amor Deliria Nervosa toward this book and EVERYONE should read it because as sweet and amazing as it is, it can also teach you a lot, like don't trust regulators!Anyway, can someone give me the sequel? I need to read it pronto.