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Desires of the Dead - Kimberly Derting I LOVED the Body Finder. I, and I'm shamed to admit it, reread the book several times. And all because of one person: Jay. Jay, is the epitome of everything a girl wants in a guy. I waited this sequel like crazy, maybe so much that the end product did not lived up to my humongous expectations.Firstly, Jay is still as sweet and caring and overprotective. But I just felt his actions were the same as the ones in the last book and now they just bored me. Not all the time though and he's still hot. But regardless of his cuteness, between him and Violet they had me exasperated. When they fought I felt I was between them and I was awkwardly seeing them whine and cry about each other. It wasn't pretty.Besides that the book was enjoyable, the crime wasn't exactly brain surgery, it was a bit predictable, but it was okay. I LOVED the new characters that were introduced, especially because I was a bit let down when I heard about another guy, but then it wasn't only one, but TWO!I can't wait for the THIRD book and hear more about the new characters, I loved the FBI non-agent, Sarah Priest and Rafe.OVERALL, Desires of the Dead wasn't the best in the series, but am still hopeful for more of JAY and now RAFE.