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Cleopatra Confesses - Carolyn Meyer Rating: 4.5This was my very first book by Carolyn Meyer and I wonder why I have never read anything by her before! Cleopatra Confessesis a chilling, fast-paced & fantastic retelling of the legend that is Cleopatra. Told from her early years to her early twenties, Cleopatra Confesses is an intriguing story that albeit might not be a hundred percent accurate(not even archaeologist and historian know for certain) in some facts, it traps you in such way that by the end of the book you are running around wanting to know more about her. It encourages the reader to look for the real truth. I was afraid at first that the writing might distract from the story, but not at all! It is as easy to read as it is a modern story & Cleopatra narrations from her youth makes us sympathize with her & live the story along with her. As a YA novel I understand it only narrates until her early twenties, but the end seemed rush by the last few pages. I wish it had covered more. By then end we had lived most of her life through her eyes & we understand her motives to what she did. Overall, Cleopatra Confesses was amazing & a great distraction from what I usually read. It is a great story not only for those history fanatics, but everyone for it will make you enjoy the story & see her legend in a way that you will never forget!