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I am a vegetarian Nerdfighter who loves Doctor Who & books. I read mostly YA and fantasy, but I love all genres.

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It's Not Summer Without You

It's Not Summer Without You - Jenny Han Jenny Han is my guilty pleasure. The Summer I Turned Pretty was one of those books you can't put down & so is It's Not Summer Without You.Jenny Han's writing is so compelling that it makes you relate to the characters and what they are going through even if you're never been in the same situation as them.I love Conrad because in most books where the character is a jerk, you hate him for his actions. But it's so hard to hate Conrad, because you know the reason he acts the way he does. When I read books I do so to not think about what I'm going through in my life and I,like many people, hate reading about characters that like Conrad are REAL, that are prideful & sensitive and make hard choices that could hurt the people around him, but he still does them because he thinks is for the best.I love Jeremiah because he is honest & he is always trying to make things right. It's hard to read It's Not Summer Without You without loving all the characters. I loved every single moment, every page of this book. My only complaint(because there's always at least one) was that I felt Belly was just doing the same things over & over again. Thankfully, by the end she learns.I can't honestly think how the series will end, but I bet it will be amazing. So, if I were you & you haven't read this book because you think it will suck, fear not my friend, I assure you that you are in for a ride.