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Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #11)

Lover at Last - J.R. Ward REVIEW OF THE SERIES AS A WHOLEThis is a spoiler filled review so stopped if you haven't read the series. I really wanted to love this series.I didn't write individual reviews of this books throughout the whole series, but I can't stand it anymore, I need to vent out and say what I hated about this series and what I loved.Firstly, I want to say that if you're a paranomal fan and a romance fan this is you're type of book.Now, I am neither, so when I read the first one and I found myself enjoying it I was surprised. The reason why even though I didn't loved this books I continue on reading them was, the characters.What I love about this series:- The characters in this series are amazing, they all have great story lines. They make you sympathize with them and what to know what will happen later on. - The different points of view, I loved how everyone has a POV in this books, even the bad guys. What I hate about this series:- The tortured, I-am-the-worst, I-don't-deserve-happiness vibe ALL of the characters have going on.With the first book, it was okay if wrath hated himself, I could understand it.With the second, of course rhage hated himself because of his curse.But them we have vishous with his 'curse', zsadist with being a blood slave, rhevenge been a sympath, phury been celibate, payne not being girly, qhuinn and his eyes, etc. All of them have emotional issues and that's okay, but I couldn't stand that in every single book it was not about them falling in love, but about them accepting love.And they had to accept love because they did everything possible not to.And it got boring pretty quickly. In every single book the main character spends the whole time running from his other half and only in the last couple of pages, does he realized he can't run from love.This could have been a great series if it didn't felt that the romance was the same, it only changed the people who were in love in each book. For me, the romance ruined the books.