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I am a vegetarian Nerdfighter who loves Doctor Who & books. I read mostly YA and fantasy, but I love all genres.

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We'll Always Have Summer - Jenny Han Perfection.That one word could be my whole review. I know I've mentioned this before, but I don't like Contemporary novels. Even now, every time I read/hear about a contemporary novel, I cringe & stop hearing/reading because truth is: I'm scared of them.I'm scared of the hard truth: that there's a world out there WITHOUT magic & dream & cute vampires/werewolves/angels/demons (I think that covers all tastes & colors).I roll my eyes & at their synopsis, the clichéish storyline jumping at me not to read. But thing is ALL genres have books like that. There will ALWAYS be books we don't like. Nevertheless, I decided to start reading this series, why? I'm not sure. Maybe because everyone said great things about. I thought I would be disappointed. And two books l am not.Now for the real review:What I love about Jenny Han is the feeling of belonging. When you read this book I think it must be similar to what Belly feels in the Summer House, that everything will be okay.It's light, funny & just the kind of quick read to make you swoon with every page. It is tough like life, Jenny Han's characters don't have it easy (Oh boy do they not!), but they strive through the hard times. One of the reasons I dislike contemporary is because sometimes it doesn't feel real, it feels awkward to read about, to know about the characters story, but like I've said before, with Jenny Han's writing it all makes sense.Even when Conrad is been an jerk we can help, but love him. She makes us be in the character's mind & understand their actions.I absolutely LOVED that there were chapters with Conrad's pov, they were short, but they totally changed the perspective of the book. And even though as you read you can feel the story unraveling bit by bit, going farther apart from what you think SHOULD happen, it all comes together in the end.Overall, I effing love Jenny Han, her books are perfect. They reflect the HARD, COLD true, with real characters who have to struggle to get what they want. Read it! Read it if......... if you only have read the first two books..... if you only have read the first one (but read the second one before.)..... if you never read any because you are afraid it will suck or because you don't like contemporary.